Saturday, 30 March 2013

Animation studios in India

In the recent years, animation studios in India have caught the fancy of the animation world. Animation production can be quite expensive which is why western production houses prefer to outsource it to cheaper countries. Compared to the western world, even the top animation studios in India prove to be cheaper.

While earlier, the preferred destinations were other South East Asian countries which were traditionally associated with animation, it is only recently that international production houses have begun preferring India, because of cheap labor, quality work and in project deadlines are kept intact infact of being pressurize to work night shifts, the quality of the product which is in lakhs we gave them in thousands.

Animation Studio in India
 One would assume that with so much appreciation being given to Indian animation companies, they would be producing some world class animation themselves. However, even the top animation studios in India have not made a mark in the international animation scene with a completely Indian project. Even Crest Animation, which has been in the news for its production ‘Alpha and Omega’ making it to the Oscar nominations, has not made any groundbreaking animation on its own.

Since the dearth of talent or skills is not the issue, there are several other reasons that have been put forth for this lack of quality animation. However, the two main reasons that have been identified are lack of finances and lack of original story ideas. Since animation requires a very expensive production process, not having enough funding can seriously affect the quality of even the best animation studios in India.
top animation studios
This is compounded by the fact that Indian animators mainly rely on mythology and folk tales for story inspiration. This means that the animation that is made here does not feel fresh and contemporary, thereby affecting its popularity.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

A new outsourcing fever has gripped India

India's animation sector is witnessing a major boom. Overseas entertainment giants like Walt Disney Imax and Sony are increasingly outsourcing cartoon characters and special effects to Best Animation Company in India for commercials and computer games.

So what makes India a hub for animation? Why is the sector experiencing exponential growth? In this special series, we take a look at what makes India shine in the world of animation.

3d animation services in India
The total cost for making a full-length animated film in America is estimated to be $100 million to $175 million. In India, it can be made for $15 million to $25 million.
C K Prahlad, an animation consultant based in Bangalore, says the biggest advantage is the cost factor. "Indian animation companies are charging extremely low rates compared to other countries. That is attracting the Hollywood companies to outsource their animation film series to the Best Animation Company in India," he said.

Major US animation studios and producers are realizing this huge cost advantage that India offers, that’s why they are approaching to Best Animation Company in India

"Due to changing viewing habits, channels or networks are being forced to bring down license fees. As a result, the volume of work has been dropping.

In this situation, India's advantage of low production costs could be a boon to the domestic animation industry," said Margaret Dean, Sony Pictures' head of family entertainment group and a consultant to various animation studios in the US, during a recent India visit.
According to the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom), the total revenues of the 3d animation services in India were estimated by between $200 million and $300 million in 2004.

Animation Company in India
Nasscom estimates the animation sector grew at a rate of over 20 per cent last year. "Demand for animation production services from India is growing with the emergence of an organized animation production sector, with state-of -the-art of work required for international TV program production, at substantially lower costs," a Nasscom report said.
Last year, a Nasscom study on the 3d animation services showed that the global animation production market is set for major growth. The study, which is based on multiple statistical projections on the market, from segments such as industry sources, Pixel Inc and Arthur Andersen (Study on the Entertainment and Media sector) forecast that the global animation market would generate revenues worth $50-70 billion this year.

But which are the countries that India is competing with in getting animation outsourcing?
"Primarily, we are competing with China. But even here, our quality standards are much higher than Chinese studios," argues Jayakumar.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

What’s lacking in Indian Animation?

Because a few that were made failed there are no more being made. And television budgets are way too low to support good quality animation. Even if quality is good we give them them in low prices, this increases saturation in india market to reduce the quality price of the product.

3D Animation Character creation
Animation studio in India lags the global market significantly in terms of number of animation movies produced in India. The box-office failure of few movies recently made Indian filmmakers shelve their projects on Indian animation movies. However, Hollywood films enjoyed success on Indian screens. The release of Avatar, a movie that is a hybrid of live action and computer generated animated characters became the largest grosser in India indicating that Indian audience is interested in animated content. The Hindi, Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions of the film did equally well, highlighting the extremely responsive regional market for animated studios in India. As the country moves out of recession and Indian audience matures, animation movies in the pipeline are expected to release. 
Animation Studio in India
UTV's Arjun, cost Rs 30 crore in production said to be one of the most expensive animated productions in India, shines the  spotlight on the conundrum that is animation studio in  India. The film is the first animated production in India to be co-branded with Disney, the $41-billion US company's first deep dive into a market that has a voracious appetite for feature films - the country releases around three a day - as well as the world's largest population of children (400 million Indians are younger than 15). 
What lacking the Animation studio (India) and what keeps it from connecting with a target audience of children consuming $100 billion worth of toys, clothes, entertainment, food, and other products and services.