Thursday, 21 March 2013

What’s lacking in Indian Animation?

Because a few that were made failed there are no more being made. And television budgets are way too low to support good quality animation. Even if quality is good we give them them in low prices, this increases saturation in india market to reduce the quality price of the product.

3D Animation Character creation
Animation studio in India lags the global market significantly in terms of number of animation movies produced in India. The box-office failure of few movies recently made Indian filmmakers shelve their projects on Indian animation movies. However, Hollywood films enjoyed success on Indian screens. The release of Avatar, a movie that is a hybrid of live action and computer generated animated characters became the largest grosser in India indicating that Indian audience is interested in animated content. The Hindi, Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions of the film did equally well, highlighting the extremely responsive regional market for animated studios in India. As the country moves out of recession and Indian audience matures, animation movies in the pipeline are expected to release. 
Animation Studio in India
UTV's Arjun, cost Rs 30 crore in production said to be one of the most expensive animated productions in India, shines the  spotlight on the conundrum that is animation studio in  India. The film is the first animated production in India to be co-branded with Disney, the $41-billion US company's first deep dive into a market that has a voracious appetite for feature films - the country releases around three a day - as well as the world's largest population of children (400 million Indians are younger than 15). 
What lacking the Animation studio (India) and what keeps it from connecting with a target audience of children consuming $100 billion worth of toys, clothes, entertainment, food, and other products and services.

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