Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Challenges for Animation Industry

The Indian animation market was fairly static till a couple of years ago when in earnest within the latter half the 90s animation studios made an appearance within the country. For an awfully lasting animation was thought of an expensive proposition. As digital technologies become a lot of accessible and user-friendly, animation, historically one in all the foremost labour and resource-intensive media practices has become a widespread mode of amusement, education & social activism.
The animation studio should be borne within the mind that the Indian animation industry was mesmeric. The Animation industry in India is comprised of 3 major segments:
  • animation amusement,
  • visual effects (VFX)
  • Custom content developing
The last section earns the maximum share.
Animation amusement is more divided into the following stages:
  •  material possession Rights (IPR)
  • Content Development,
  • Pre-production, production, post-production
  • Promoting, distribution and exhibition.
Indian player’s area unit primarily engaged within the labour-intensive production and post-production activities, as a ‘Service Provider’. Pre-production is about the preparation of the script, character design, storyboard layout & development. Production involves development of specifications concerning the character, background paint, inking and painting and visual effects. Post-production deals with final recording, colour piece of writing, testing and special sound effects. Finally, Marketing, Distribution and Exhibition cater to promotion, distribution, video videodisc unharnessed and cinema and TV screening.
According to Deloitte and ASSOCHAM, Animation studio India is anticipated to witness a big growth, each in terms of revenue and participation within the value chain. The Indian animation studio started by doing work for foreign corporations and it is developing characters, lines and voices of its own. 

As the business gains experience and tries to manoeuvre up the worth chain, it faces a couple of discouraging challenges, that it has to overcome to return near realizing its potential particularly trained men (in this case trained men refers to those that have the knowledge & the ability to contribute to the animation sector), lack of presidency support, tight budgets & informatics protection.

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